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Find the answers to all your roofing questions.

Due to the complexity of most roofing projects, many property owners are often at a loss on the best approach to take. We have compiled answers to some of the most common questions we receive from our customers here at Tex-Line Roofing and Construction. Did we miss out on your question in our roofing FAQ? Call us at (940) 315-9118 to discuss with a professional.

Some people install metal roofing over their existing roof system. However, this is not always a good idea. We recommend getting an inspection and expert guidance before going down this path.

Metal roofing systems are heavy. You need to confirm that your property can support the weight in addition to the roof shingles system. Similarly, you can’t use metal roofing to hide structural damage to your existing roof.

It’s time to replace your roof if it is already older than the advertised lifespan and you’re now carrying out more repairs each year. You can also replace your roof after significant storm damage. When storm damage affects more than 30% of the roof, it’s always more cost-effective to choose replacement over repairs.

We offer flexible financing through Hearth. The platform simplifies payments for home improvement projects such as roof repair and installation. Regardless of the roofing options you choose, you can structure your payments into smaller monthly installments.

The insurance company will often pay the estimate minus your deductible and depreciation value.

Finding professional roofing contractors is now harder than ever because the entry barrier is so low. However, you can always find the right roofing contractors with little due diligence.

Always choose an experienced roofing company like Tex-Line Roofing and Construction with a BBB accreditation, glowing reviews, and relevant industry certification. If you need professional roofing contractors in or around Decatur, TX, call us at (940) 315-9118.

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